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NSX - GT Cointray Release Announcement

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

In January 2021, we released the GT Cointray for the Acura NSX. This part replaces the factory cointray part, mounting directly onto the factory OEM bezel. The GT Cointray taps into underutilized space beneath the bezel and introduces a cupholder, a smart phone storage slot, and while retaining a reduced coin storage capability. The GT Cointray is especially geared towards owners who are looking for a way to improve their NSX's driveability, without bulky add-ons which detract from the elegance of the NSX's timeless interior, or interfere with the armrest thereby reducing comfort on long drives.

The mounts have been meticulously engineered to be a direct fit, and the product is made of a high-strength and high-temperature resilient material.

So go ahead, order that cup of coffee for your morning drive or bring along a bottle of water to keep you hydrated on your cross-country trek, even in the NSX!


SkyZ Design

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